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Stepping Stones Program

We realize that it is one thing to decide to continue with your pregnancy.  However, it can be something entirely different when you have to overcome obstacles to carry out that decision.  

The STEPPING STONES program is a perfect blend of personal growth to assist you with the hurdles you face, and the opportunity to obtain the necessary supplies you need to raise your child or get the items you may need for yourself.   Birthline staff will work with you as an individual or as a couple to assess important areas of your life and establish efforts to improve upon them, particularly as it relates to your current pregnancy.  Together, we will consider things like your physical, emotional and spiritual health and well-being, education, career, finances, your relationships, and development of parenting skills or making an adoption plan. Our staff supports you as you establish your own goals and helps to identify the steps you need to take to achieve the dreams and ambitions you have for your life.

Clothes & Car Seats, Gas & Groceries, & So Much More!

STEPPING STONES Dollars are earned for completion of activities, classes, videos, books, etc. and can be used to shop in our own store.   We have the necessities that you will need to raise your child, like infant clothing, diapers, carseats and a variety of baby care items.  Or you can find adult items like: gift cards for gas, groceries, or for use at discount and department stores, bus passes, phone cards, and adult personal care items. 

We will help you find your path to STEP at a time.